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Sample Types

Sample TypeDescription
Inorganic Carbon Sample Type
Foraminiferacarbonate shells from planktonic and benthic species
Coralcalcium carbonate skeletons
Molluskbivalve and gastropod shells
Otolithfish ear stones composed of carbonate
Marine carbonateany marine carbonates such as microbialite, ooids, pteropods, halimeda (coralline algae), scelrosponges, echinoids
Sediment (inorganic C)inorganic carbon via acidification from sediments
Water DICdissolved inorganic carbon from seawater, groundwater, lake, pond or porewater
Otherspeleothems, and others upon request
Organic Carbon (OC) Sample Type
Plant/Woodplant, tree, seeds, peat, wood, pollen extracts
Charcoalfully or partially charred plant/wood material
Sediment OCmarine, terrestrial and lacustrine sediments
Compound-specific OCderived organic compounds; lipids, plant waxes etc.
Water DOCdissolved organic carbon
Proteinaceous coralsGorgonian corals, black corals, and some zoanthids in the class Anthozoa of the phylum Cnidaria
OtherAerosol POC, black carbon, guano, dung, animal tissue, fish vertebra, hair, insect chitin, textiles
Gas Sample Type
Pure CO2supplied in glass breakseal tubes
Methane gas or in waterpure CH4 gas or methane dissolved in water
CO2 or methane in a gas mixturecontact for availability and pricing
RPO programmed temperature pyrolysis/oxidationcontact for availability and pricing
Other Types
Contamination Check samplesswipe sample analysis
Upon requestcontact for availability and pricing

See Sample Requirements

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