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New work from Sophie Hage et al. on Terrestrial OM Preservation in Sediments

Sophie Hage is a postgraduate research student studying Sedimentology within Ocean and Earth Science in the National Oceanography Centre at the Southampton at the University of Southampton.  From March to June in 2018 she was a guest student here at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution working with Dr. Valier Galy.  While here at WHOI working with Dr. Galy, she spent a lot of her time here at NOSAMS on the Ramped Pyrolysis and Oxidation (RPO) system.

Her recent work includes the work she did at a guest student at NOSAMS and WHOI,  “Efficient preservation of young terrestrial organic carbon in sandy turbidity-current deposits”

And while she was here WHOI was filming a video about “Who is WHOI?”.  At 00:56 you can find Sophie working  in the Sample Preparation Laboratory with NOSAMS’ research associate Kalina Gospodinova.