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Presentations and Media

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Media Reports


NIEHS Environmental Factor (January 2021): Our paper on domoic acid in Environmental Health Perspectives was one of the Papers of the Month.


Science Selection highlight of our paper on domoic acid toxicity in Environmental Health Perspectives.

NIEHS article: Tiny killifish hint at genetic basis for human toxicant susceptibility.

Cape Cod Times article: Plastics’ Impact on Ocean Under Scrutiny by Doug Fraser

Rolling Stone (but not the cover): Planet Plastic by Tim Dickinson

NIEHS Environmental Factor: Microplastics research needs innovation, health focus by Marla Broadfoot, about NAS workshop.

NIEHS Podcast: Microplastic Pollution and Human Health. Part of NIH’s podcast series Partnerships for Environmental Public Education (PEPH).


Superfund Research Brief #265 (2017): The Genetics Behind the Killifish's Adaptation to Pollution


NIEHS Environmental Factor - March 2014: Genetic variation may explain PCB-resistance in Atlantic killifish


Superfund Research Brief #195 (2011): Mechanism of Resistance to PCB Toxicity in Fish

Economist:  Waters of change: An accidental experiment in America shows how evolution happens (October 2011)


EPA Eco-Risk webinar
Mechanisms of Evolved Resistance to Dioxin-like PCBs in Fish Inhabiting a Marine Superfund Site


Washington Post: Toxic Waters Provide 'a Snapshot of Evolution'
(January 23, 2006)


Superfund Research Brief 21 (1998): Mechanisms of Dioxin Sensitivity and Acquired Resistance