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WHOI PDA Email Lists

Official WHOI Postdoc Email list

All WHOI Postdocs are automatically added to the email list. Moderated by Janet Fields, the Postdoctoral Progam Coordinator, the list provides a platform for official WHOI postdoc news, events, and information.

Informal Postdoc e-mail list for WHOI postdoctoral community

The is meant to act as a forum for informal communications among postdocs.  It is a low-traffic list that carries notices like movie and party announcements, car and yard sale information, requests for pet- and house-sitters, and notices of available cruise berths. Membership is voluntary but highly encouraged!

WHOI Postdoc Slack

In 2020 a Slack channel was created to help WHOI postdocs remain connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuing the use of the platform as a way to create and maintain community during these times and in the future. We encourage all WHOI postdocs to join if you haven't already by contacting the WHOI PDA through the contact form button below.