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Postdoc Lounge

Lounge for WHOI postdoctoral community

The postdoc lounge in located in Caryn House on the Woods Hole Village Campus (here's a campus map).

  • Please contact the WHOI-PDA for combination to the lock.  There is a desk with a desktop PC and internet, couches, a big TV with DirectTV (hundreds of channels), a DVD player and VCR, a fridge and some small kitchen appliances, and a table to eat/work at.  Use the space to work, to play, or to relax, but please use it! That is why we have it!!
  • Although we have many sponsored postdoctoral events each year, our budget for spontaneous TGIFs and other informal gatherings in Caryn House will require contributions from all of us. Please chip in $2/beer, $1/non-alcoholic stuff, and some change for snacks. The PDA will be setting up a donations box to collect these contributions.
  • Also, the cleaners only empty the trash and clean the bathroom, so if you use utensils or otherwise dirty the counters or appliances, please be considerate and clean up when finished. It's up to us as a postdoc community to use and maintain this space and its contents.
  • There is a computer and laser printer in the postdoc room for all postdocs to use. It is connected to the internet. It operates using Windows XP and the username and password are on a yellow piece of paper taped to the top of the tower. There is an additional active port for connecting personal laptops to the WHOI network. A print-out of the WHOI CIS hookup instructions can be found in the desk drawer.
  • Please send suggestions or report any problems to the WHOI-PDA.


There are a variety of books that may be useful to you.  Please feel free to use them, but please also leave them in the lounge, so they are available to everyone.

  • Advice for New Faculty Members (Boice)
  • Put Your Science to Work: The Take Charge Career Guide for Scientists (Fiske)
  • At the Helm, A Laboratory Navigator (Barker)
  • Lab Dynamics: Management Skills for Scientists (Cohen & Cohen)
  • A Ph.D. is Not Enough (Feibelna)
  • So What are You Going to Do With That? (Basclla & Debelius)
  • Writing Successful Science Proposals (Frieland)
  • Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and Faculty, click here for a pdf


The WHOI-PDA meets in the lounge every 1- 2 months.  If you would like to reserve the room for a meeting or specific event, please contact the WHOI-PDA.

Photography Exhibition

When we opened the Postdoctoral Lounge, the WHOI-PDA organized a photo competition to decorate our new space.  The winning photographs that are displayed in the lounge are:

  • "Downhill Race," by Andrey Shcherbina
  • "Maine Mosaic," by Andrey Shcherbina
  • "Chapoquoit Beach Sunset," by Jason Chaytor
  • "Great Island Winter," by Candace Major
  • "Wings Neck Sunrise," by Candace Major
  • "Monument Valley," by Sébastien Bertrand
  • "Cape Pernon, Western Australia," by Joanne Muller
  • "Beagle Channel, Argentina," by Mar Nieto-Cid
  • "Galicia, Spain," by Mar Nieto-Cid