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Research Funding

Applying for research funding can be an important part of your WHOI postdoc. Check out the website of WHOI’s Deputy Director and Vice President for Research to find information on both internal and external funding opportunities.

Being a co-PI as a postdoc:  WHOI has several rules about postdoc scholars or fellows being PIs on research proposal.

  • As a postdoc scholar or fellow, you are not allowed to be listed as the sole PI from WHOI unless the proposal is specifically for scholarship and the proposal requires the postdoc to be the PI. Otherwise, you must have at least one other WHOI employee who is eligible to be a PI and is not a postdoc on the grant proposal.
  • If you are a WHOI postdoc scholar or fellow, you are eligible to be listed as a co-PI on a funding proposal if the start date of that project is after your appointment as a fellow or scholar is done.
  • If the start date is before your contract is done, you may either:
  1. Be named on the budget justification but not as a co-PI and not charge salary to the project for yourself until after your scholar or fellow appointment is done
  2. Be named as a co-PI but state within the budget justification that you will only be involved with research related to your scholarship/fellowship under your mentor’s supervision until the scholarship/fellowship appointment is done and will be named an investigator at the end of your scholarship/fellowship appointment before charging salary to the project and being put in charge of project management responsibilities.

For more information on being a co-PI as a WHOI postdoc, click here. If you have questions about applying for funding as a WHOI postdoc that you think the PDA may be able to help you with, please feel free to reach out. Your department’s administrative associates are also great resources for questions related to research proposals, including those regrading eligibility to be a co-PI as a WHOI postdoc.