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The WHOI-PDA consists of up to eight (8) representatives elected from among the WHOI Postdoctoral Scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Postdoctoral Investigators, including one representative from each of the five science departments. The Marine Policy Center is also given the opportunity to provide a representative, and the remaining representatives are elected at-large from the WHOI postdoctoral community. Each representative serves a one-year term, roughly corresponding to the calendar year.

Meetings are held every 1-2 months.  Minutes of all PDA meetings are posted and archived for the WHOI postdoctoral community.

Charge of WHOI-PDA

  • to provide advice about matters pertaining to the WHOI Postdoctoral Program, postdoctoral professional activities, and postdoctoral life at WHOI;
  • to represent the interests of the postdocs on different committees at WHOI;
  • to work with the Academic Program Office to organize activities and informational resources for postdocs;
  • to further participation in regional, national, and international activities or organizations related to postdoctoral interests


Your 2023-2024 Representatives are:

PO - Alice Ren

Biology - Donna Dimarchopoulou

MC&G - Mohammed Hashim

AOP&E - Alex Padilla

G&G - Hannah Mark

MPC - Nina Yang

At Large - Alex Kinsella

At Large - Sara Gonzalez

Committee Involvement

PDA Charter