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Analytical Results

Chromatographic Overviews

Mass Spectral

For each mass spectral acquisition polarity, two visualizations are presented:

Total Ion Chromatogram ("TIC")

The TIC is a trace of the summed intensity of all ions as a function of time.

Note that in runs of complex samples such as these algal exudates, there are so many compounds co-eluting that individual peaks are not observed on the trace. Greater information visualization is possible in the Topological Overview.

A TIC is available for the positive and negative electrospray mode.

Topological ("Map")

This is a top-down, or bird's-eye view of the data sets, plotting mass as a function of time, with mass intensity increasing with color intensity.

A topological view is available for the positive and negative electrospray mode.

Optical (UV-Visible)

For the optical absobance acquisition, two types of visualization are presented:


These are various views of intensity vs. wavelength vs. time.

Specific Wavelength

Two generally diagnostic wavelengths (254 and 290 nm) are presented.

Compound Summary Table

table showing potential retention-time / molecular weight pairs, and their molecular ions as determined by the "mzMine" program ( see "" for more information on this program).