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Undergraduate and graduate students

I mentor undergraduates in the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program and WHOI Summer Student Fellow Program.


Coastal research:
'Data mentor' for 3 NES-LTER REUs:

  • Jonathan Nash, Woods Hole PEP (with H. Sosik)
  • Annissa Aamoum, WHOI SSF (with H. Sosik)
  • Amanda Herbst, URI SURFO (with P. Marrec and S. Menden-Deuer)


Coastal research:
Ayanna Butler, undergraduate student in Civil Engineering at Howard University


Deep-sea research:

  • Bethany Fleming, graduate student at University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Coastal research:

  • Kathy Qi, undergraduate in Marine Biology and Computer Science from University of California San Diego, EDI Summer Fellow (with H. Sosik)
  • Jaxine Wolfe, recent graduate in Biology from Northeastern University, Woods Hole PEP (with J. Llopiz)

Mullineaux and Beaulieu lab groups in summer 2019, from left: Lauren Dykman, Kirstin Meyer-Kaiser, Lauren Mullineaux, Susan Mills, DeYante Prince, Bethany Fleming, Tony Pires, Jaxine Wolfe, Kathy Qi, Stace Beaulieu, and Louie and Chester. Photo courtesy Susan Mills.


Deep-sea research:

  • Mary Toner, graduate student in Biological Sciences at Tufts University, MA
  • Sabine Angier, undergraduate at University of Puget Sound

Coastal research:

  • Irene Duran, undergraduate in Mechatronic Engineering from California State University Chico, Woods Hole PEP (with H. Sosik)
  • Miraflor Santos, undergraduate in Biology from New York University Abu Dhabi, WHOI SSF (with H. Sosik)


Deep-sea research:

  • Mary Toner, graduate student in Biological Sciences at Tufts University, MA

Coastal research:

  • Craig Dawes, undergraduate in Biomedical Informatics at New York City College of Technology, and participant in Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (Co-sponsor: H. Sosik in Biology Dept.)
    Poster presented at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting: "New Insights to the Diversity of Ciliates Across Space and Over Time in the Northeast U.S. Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem"


Coastal research:


Deep-sea research:

  • Maia Hanson, Western Washington University, NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholar
    NOAA sponsor: E. Breuer, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
    Project: "Biodiversity at hydrothermal vents in the Volcanic Unit of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument: NW Rota-1"
    Poster presented at 2015 AGU Fall Meeting and 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting: "Looking for Larvae Above an Erupting Submarine Volcano, NW Rota-1, Mariana Arc"

2015 Summer Student Beachcombing Field Trip


  • R. Thomas Sayre-McCord, UNC-Chapel Hill, WHOI SSF (Co-sponsor: H. Jiang in AOPE Dept.)
    Poster presented at 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting: "Three-dimensional reconstruction of larval swimming trajectories with application to random walk diffusivity."


  • Eric Rozell, RPI, WHOI SSF (Co-sponsor: A. Maffei in Computer and Information Services Dept.)
    Outstanding Student Paper Award, 2010 AGU Fall Meeting Poster #IN23A-1349: “A Framework for Integrating Oceanographic Data Repositories.”