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Science On a Sphere

I work with other scientists, educators, graphic artists, and video producers to develop new educational presentations for NOAA's Science On a Sphere (SOS). Our content is distributed via open access to the entire SOS Users Network and incorporated into SOS programs at over 150 science centers around the world.

Link to YouTube video playlist and NOAA SOS Data Catalog

Beaulieu, Stace E., Brickley, Annette, "Animals on the Move and Deep‐Sea Vents: Dataset for Spherical Display Systems", 2019-06-04, DOI:10.26025/8ke9-av98,

"Animals on the Move: Stories of Migration and Dispersal Over Land and Under Sea," Buttonwood Park Zoo presentation [NSF Award 2016-2019]

Beaulieu, S.E., Emery, M., Brickley, A., Spargo, A., Patterson, K., Joyce, K., Silva, T., Madin, K., (2015) Using Digital Globes to Explore the Deep Sea and Advance Public Literacy in Earth System Science. Journal of Geoscience Education, 63, 332-343,

A "Global Viewport" for Virtual Exploration of Deep-sea Vents: Using Spherical Displays to Advance Public Literacy in Earth System Science [NSF Award 2012-2015]


Other recent public outreach

Women in Deep Waters public event at WHOI in March 2018