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Archived data

Data Processing

The processing software was conceived specifically to process data from IOEBs, employing basic processing functions in individual modules designed for expandability to handle future systems requirements. Input files of ARGOS hexadecimal data is processed by dividing the location, or buoy drift data, from the sensor data, and treating each set separately, for each buoy. The location data consists of ARGOS quality 2 or 3 positions from each PTT on a particular IOEB, which are subsequently screened, interpolated, and combined with similarly processed locations from the other PTT, and further smoothed with a 6-hr triangular filter to produce an hourly timeseries with a standard error we calculated to be ~150 m. The sensor data is prefiltered, combined, adjusted for buoy drift, and screened with a Gaussian first difference filter to produce unevenly spaced timeseries of each environmental or physical variable measured by the IOEB. Every variable is output to a unique file per year, per buoy consisting of a two-column timeseries. This format allows for easy data exchange, and facilitates visual output using the GMT-SYSTEM plotting tools. A full description of the processing scheme, a description of field operations, and plots of the data are available in WHOI Technical Report 99-12.

Output data availability

Data files are available in zip formats. Click on the links to the right of the page to download complete yearly archives for each IOEB.

Output Data Filenames

Most of the individual uncompressed output files are two column files where the first column contains the decimal day of the year, and the second column the variable measurement.

        Filename = prefix + yy (s) . ext 
where prefix is defined below
yy = two number year
s = subscript c for drift corrected, r for recovered data, s for screened data, t for temporary
ext = buoy id extension

Example: a0e1_92c.b92 = 92 BGY IOEB: drift corrected ADCP/DPM 0, bin 1, east vector for 1992

PreSensor/Environmental VariableUnits
aXbf_ADCP/DPM X: bin flagbit
aXct_ADCP/DPM X: counterbit
aXeN_ADCP/DPM X: raw east vector for bin Ncm/s
aXen_ADCP/DPM X: ensemblesnumber
aXhv_ADCP/DPM X: heading variabilitydeg
aXqN_ADCP/DPM X: status bit Nbit
aXnN_ADCP/DPM X: raw north vector for bin Ncm/s
aXt_ADCP/DPM X: temperaturedeg C
aXtv_ADCP/DPM X: tilt variabilitydeg
aXvN_ADCP/DPM X: vertical vector for bin Ncm/s
aXxN_ADCP/DPM X: error bit Nbit
comp_Apex compass = MHE + DECLdeg
conN_MCU controller N battery voltageV
decl_Geomagnetic declination derived from locationsdeg
drift_Drift track (lon, lat)deg, deg
fl_Fluorometry at 110 mV
ibv_ICE: battery voltageV
iday_ICE: day codenumber
iech_ICE: echo sounderm
ihr_ICE: hour codenumber
isNa_ICE: stress sensor N, sigma-1kPa
isNb_ICE: stress sensor N, sigma-2kPa
itN_ICE: temperature sensor Ndeg C
lat_Drift latitude timeseriesdeg
lon_Drift longitude timeseriesdeg
mat_MET: air temperaturedeg C
mbar_MET: barometric pressurehPa
mbv_MET: battery voltageV
mday_MET: day codenumber
mhe_MET: raw compass headingdeg
mhr_MET: hour codenumber
mtav_MET: average tensiometerlbs
mtmx_MET: maximum tensiometerlbs
mtst_MET: std of tensiometerlbs
mtx_MET: apex tilt xdeg
mty_MET: apex tilt ydeg
mwd_MET: raw wind speedm/s
mws_MET: raw wind directiondeg
pttN_MET: raw compass headingV
s4c_S4: raw conductivitymmho
s4d_S4: raw sigma-t
s4e_S4: raw east vectorcm/s
s4n_S4: raw north vectorcm/s
s4s_S4: raw salinityPSU
s4t_S4: raw temperaturedeg C
scNc_Seacat N: raw conductivitymmho
scNd_Seacat N: raw sigma-t
scNs_Seacat N: raw salinityPSU
scNt_Seacat N: raw temperaturedeg C
scdo_Seacat dissolved oxygen
scfl_Fluorometry at SeacatV
st_Sediment trap statusnumber
tr_Transmissometry at 110 m%
ud_Processed buoy/ice directiondeg
ue_Processed buoy/ice east vectorcm/s
un_Processed buoy/ice north vectorcm/s
us_Processed buoy/ice speedcm/s
uvec_Processed buoy/ice plot vectors
vd_Processed 110 m directiondeg
ve_Processed 110 m east vectorcm/s
vn_Processed 110 m north vectorcm/s
vs_Processed 110 m speedcm/s
vvec_Processed 110 m plot vectors
wd_Processed wind directiondeg
we_Processed wind east vectorm/s
wn_Processed wind north vectorm/s
ws_Processed wind speedm/s
wtse_Water transfer system eventnumber
wtss_Water transfer system statusnumber
wvec_Processed wind plot vectors