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Field Work

IOEBs have been continuously monitoring air, ice, and upper ocean data in the Arctic pack-ice since 1992.

IOEBs deployed in 1992

  • Transpolar Drift
  • Beaufort Gyre (IOEB-1)

IOEBs deployed in 1994

  • Transpolar Drift (IOEB-2)

IOEBs deployed in 1996

  • Beaufort Gyre (IOEB-1)

IOEBs deployed in 1997

  • Beaufort Gyre (IOEB-1)
  • SHEBA (IOEB-2)

Arctic Ice Camp Operations

Arctic field operations from remote air supported ice camps are a versatile means of deploying and revisiting IOEBs several hundred miles within the edge of the icepack.

Ice Breaker Support

Polar icebreakers from both the Canadian and US Coast Guard have been used as platforms for testing and deploying IOEBs. Icebreaker cruises can penetrate deeper into the ice pack, but tend to require more time than ice camps.