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Deployment of ITPs 7 - 18

ITP7 was deployed as part of the April 2007 North Pole Environmental Observatory from ice camp Barneo, and was reported on the "Polar Discovery - Expedition 1" website.

A total of 11 ITPs (ITPs 8 to 18) were deployed in August and September 2007 from cruises on CCGS Louis St-Laurent, R/V Polarstern, and R/V Federov as part of international collaborations during the International Polar Year (IPY). Reports from ITPs 8, 13 and 18 deployed in the Beaufort Gyre are at "Cruise – 2007 Dispatches – Dispatch 17" and "Cruise - 2007 Dispatches - Dispatch 19”. ITPs were also recovered from the Beaufort Gyre for the first time ("Cruise - 2007 Dispatches - Dispatch 13"), to be analyzed for engineering improvements and reused (see the Recovery Slide Show tab to the left).