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Journal Publications

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Technical Reports

Newhall, R., R. Krishfield, D. Peters, and J. Kemp, Deployment Operation Procedures for the WHOI Ice-Tethered Profiler, WHOI-2007-05, 48 pp., 2007.

Krishfield, R., K. Doherty, D. Frye, T. Hammar, J. Kemp, D. Peters, A. Proshutinsky, J. Toole, and K. von der Heydt, Design and Operation of Automated Ice-Tethered Profilers for Real-time Seawater Observations in the Polar Oceans, WHOI-2006-11, 79 pp., 2006.


J. E. Haynes, 2010. Understanding the Importance of Oceanic Forcing on Sea Ice Variability