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Principal Investigators

John Toole

John Toole is a co-developer of the Ice-Tethered Profiler with scientific interests ranging from large-scale ocean circulation and watermass transformation to turbulent mixing processes in addition to instrument development.

Rick Krishfield

Rick Krishfield is experienced in the development and deployment of Arctic buoy systems, and manages the ITP construction, testing, and field deployment operations.

Jeff O'Brien

Jeff O’Brien is responsible for the on-going ITP engineering development activities along with managing the scheduling and logistics of the ITP observing program and supervising deployment operations.

Sylvia Cole

Sylvia Cole, leader of the Ice-Tethered Profiler with Velocity (ITP-V) program, is expert in ocean stirring and mixing processes.

Other Contributors

Andrey Proshutinsky

Andrey Proshutinsky is a specialist in Arctic Ocean research. He is responsible for researching the optimum buoy array required to maximize acquisition of hydrographic data.

Mary-Louise Timmermans

Mary-Louise analyzes Ice-Tethered Profiler measurements to understand Arctic Ocean mixing, property transports and circulation dynamics.

John Kemp

John Kemp designed the ITP tether subsystem, supervises construction of operational tethers and directs deployment operations.

Adam Houk

Adam Houk is responsible for ITP data handling and processing.

Jeff Pietro

Jeff Pietro assists with in-water testing of ITP systems and handles shipping logistics of ITP gear.

Susan Sholi

Susan Sholi

Susan Sholi assists the ITP PIs with proposal, report and paper preparation and maintains this website.

Past Team Members

Ken Doherty

Ken Doherty

Ken Doherty is the co-developer of the WHOI moored profiler. He and Terry Hammar conducted the engineering design work for the ITP and coordinated the mechanical construction of the profiler and surface buoy.

Terry Hammar

Terry Hammar

Terry Hammar worked with Ken Doherty on the engineering design work or the ITP and the mechanical construction of the profiler and surface buoy.

Keith von der Heydt

Keith designed and built the original ITP data modem and satellite communication subsystems.

Dan Frye

Dan managed and provided expertise to the original technical development program of the ITP.

Kris Newhall

Kris assisted with deployment and recovery of ITP systems.

Don Peters

Don designed components of the mooring hardware and the specialized deployment apparatus that is used to deploy the system from the ice.

P. E. Robbins

Pelle assisted with data submission to national archives.

Frank Bahr

Frank assisted with quality control of the ITP observations and participated on several ITP deployments.

Chris Linder

Chris provided visual imagery for this website and contributed to its construction.

Countless other researchers, technicians and vessel personnel have assisted with the ITP deployment programs through the years.  While too numerous to list, the ITP program is indebted to them and their contributions.

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