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The Scibotics team is working on a diverse group of projects all involving innovations in ocean science, technology, and engineering.  Click on each project to learn more!


Using state-of-the-art tags equipped with cameras as well as other sensors, we are able to learn more about the lives, patterns, and behaviors of sea turtles.


Once a shark is tagged, SharkCam (a modified REMUS-100 vehicle) is able to follow it while gathering data from its many sensors, including exciting video footage.


This project is focused on developing a system using UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) to monitor various aspects of underwater macroalgae farms.

Rapid Response

Using AUVs and other new technology, we study and map oil as it spreads through water near oil seeps or after a spill. This technology can be used to improve the post-oil spill cleanup process and protect the environment.


We make tags that are used by scientists and researchers in and outside of our lab to study animal behavior and patterns.

Long Range AUV

This long range MBARI vehicle (Tethys) is being used in many different projects including mapping oil seeps in the ocean and under ice.

Under Ice

Operating AUVs and ROVs under the typical open-ocean conditions has its challenges, but this project pushes the technology even further by conducting under-ice operations.


Salt Intrusions and Squid (NSF)

Collaborative Research; Recent Changes in Shelfbreak Exchange Process Oriented Observations of Salinity Maximum Intrusions

Plankton Imager

Emerging technology for studying microbial communities and biogeochemical shifts in the ocean's biological pumping



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