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Seafloor Geodesy in the Cascadia Subduction Zone

In July 2016 we installed a subseafloor seismic and geodetic observatory in the IODP 1364A ACORK observatory offshore of Vancouver Island. Our system was built with funding from the W. M. Keck Foundation and installed using funding from The National Science Foundation including the use of WHOI's ROV JASON. The movie below shows the installation of the borehole instrument package into the (heavily biofouled) ACORK observatory. The system contains a broadband seismometer, two high resolution tiltmeters, two low resolution tiltmeters, an absolute pressure gauge, and numerous thermistors. The system is currently awaiting power and telemetry to be enabled at a new node of the Ocean Networks Canada observatory in early 2017. Once enabled, it will provide realtime seafloor geodetic data through the ONC and IRIS datacenters.


John Collins (WHOI)

Jeff O’Brien (WHOI)

Keith von der Heydt (WHOI)

Keir Becker (Univ. of Miami)

Earl Davis (PGC)

Martin Hesseman (ONC)