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2ND Moments

A Matlab Toolbox for Determining The Second Moments of Earthquake Ruptures

This package provides a set of matlab codes for doing Emperical Green's Function deconvolutions of moderate earthquakes and then inverting the durations of the resulting Apparent Source Time Functions (ASTFs) for the second moments of the rupture.   The second moments are the 2nd order term in the Taylor Series expansion used in CMT inversions (0th and 1st order terms).   They describe the length, width, duration, and directivity of the rupture.   The approach implemented here follows McGuire, BSSA, 2004, and is described in detail in the manual.

The Manual

Matlab Code


Apparent Source Time Functions for a M5.1 earthquake on the San Jacinto Fault. Colors denote the apparent duration (s) of the each station's time function. Shorter durations to the NE indicate a unilateral rupture in this direction.

Examples of the Emperical Green's Function deconvoluton for two stations. See the manual for details.