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Data science training for future leaders of Deep Ocean Observing

[Updated February 2024] I served as data science trainer for the Implementing a Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (iDOOS) project with an online workshop series in 2023:

Beaulieu, Stace E., Stocks, Karen, Smith, Leslie M. (2024) FAIR Data Training for Deep Ocean Early Career Researchers: Syllabus and slide presentations. Woods Hole Open Access Server.

You can watch pre-recordings of the FAIR Data Training Modules [on DOOS website ].

iDOOS is an NSF-funded AccelNet project that brings together U.S. and international networks engaged in deep-ocean observing, mapping, exploration, modeling, research, and management. Read our paper in Marine Technology Society Journal: “The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy: Addressing Global Challenges in the Deep Sea Through Collaboration”

A goal of the project is to enable findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) deep-sea data and a data-enabled, deep-sea workforce. As part of the mentorship and training of the next generation, iDOOS initiated a network of Deep Ocean Early career Researchers (DOERs) from across the globe.

Meet these future leaders of Deep Ocean Observing in this Storymap.


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