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Deep Submergence Laboratory

Furthering our understanding

of the ocean depths & seafloor

About DSL

WHOI's Deep Submergence Laboratory (DSL) explores the ocean depths by developing systems for remote, unmanned exploration. DSL engineers and scientists design and adapt state-of-the-art automatic control methodologies to remotely operated underwater vehicles for survey, close-up observations and sample gathering in some of the most remote and extreme regions of the oceans. DSL is the base for remotely operated vehicles and hybrids such as Nereid Under Ice and Mesobot as well as autonomous vehicles including the newly developed Polar Sentinel.

DSL Facilities, Labs & Groups

National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF)

The National Deep Submergence Facility is home to HOV Alvin, ROV Jason/Medea, and AUV Sentry. Each vehicle offers unique tools to explore the mysteries beneath the ocean’s surface.

WHOI's Autonomous Robotics and Perception Laboratory (WARPLab)

WHOI's Autonomous Robotics and Perception Laboratory focuses on both the science and systems of exploration robots in extreme, communication starved environments such as the deep sea.

Chemical Sensors Lab (CSL)

The goal of the Chemical Sensors Lab is to advance our understanding of ocean chemistry and its role in an age when human activity is significantly impacting climate. This interdisciplinary lab develops new sensors and sensing platforms to study ocean chemistry and measure microplastics in the ocean.