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I encourage students and postdoctoral applicants to contact me along with a CV, description of background and interests.

WHOI’s educational opportunities are very well described at the WHOI Academic Programs Office website.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students interested in conducting summer research projects should apply to the WHOI Summer Student Fellowship Program or the Woods Hole Partnership Educational Program. Both of these programs provide financial support and housing, and have application deadlines in February. Students whose home institutions support externships during the school year are also encouraged to contact me.

Graduate Students

Students interested in graduate studies at WHOI can apply to the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography. Detailed information is provided at the Admissions Section (please review the FAQs) and at the MIT/WHOI Joint Program Biological Oceanography Handbook. Applicants are expected to find additional sources of funding, such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.


WHOI offers 18-month postdoctoral scholarships that support postdocs to pursue their research interests. Interested applicants should also consider pursuing NSF postdoctoral research opportunities such as the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology (only for US resident). For foreigners, there are various opportunities. The following list is by no means exhaustive. For European resident, the Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for career development (IOF) is strongly recommended. PostDoctoral fellowship AXA is also a great fellowship. To complement another source of funding, applicants may also consider: (1) Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program, for women only (2) AAUW-International Fellowship recipient – Breaking through Barriers for women and girls and (3) UNESCO-L’OREAL International Fellowship for young women in life science.


For more information, please contact Stephanie Jenouvrier at or 508 289 3245.