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In-person Visits

We organized in-person visits including:

  • a visit at the Discovery Center of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where kids learned about the Institution's ocean science research, engineering, and exploration (see slideshow picture of presentation by Megan Harrigan);
  • a guided walking tour in Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution campus to show the kids research vessels and docks;
  • a visit at the Redfield Touch tanks (see slideshow) or the Marine Biological Laboratory Touch tanks (picture 8) where the kids could touch crabs, urchins, sea stars and other marine creatures;
  • a visit at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium - NOAA Fisheries (the country's oldest public aquarium) where kids could observe ~140 species of marine animals found in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S. waters (see slideshow);
  • an activity related to albatross and foraging behaviors at the beach (see beach activities slideshow).