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Stephanie Jenouvrier

Stephanie Jenouvrier

Associate Scientist with tenure

Stephanie is a seabird ecologist interested in the population responses to climate change.

Ruijiao Sun

Ruijiao Sun

MIT/WHOI Joint Program Student (2018 – present)

Ruijiao is starting as a graduate student this fall, and will study the demography of seabird in the context of global change.

Joanie Van de Walle

Joanie Van de Walle

Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-present)

Joanie is an animal ecologist, focusing on questions related to evolutionary ecology, population ecology and behavioral ecology. She is interested in understanding how environmentally-driven changes in life history strategies and individual heterogeneity shape population dynamics.

Francesco Ventura

Postdoc Scholar (2022- present)

Francesco is a marine ecologist interested in the spatial and population ecology of marine megafauna. His current research focuses on the role of the environment in shaping population processes and the spatial distribution of seabirds

Alex Nicol-Harper

Alex Nicol-Harper

Guest PhD student (2020-present)

Alex is a population ecologist completing a PhD at the University of Southampton in collaboration with the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, both UK. She develops matrix population modelling approaches to inform seabirds conservation, with the common eider as a study species. She joined our group to analyze the demography of black-browed albatross as part of a larger project to compare life history patterns across multiple animal species along the slow-fast continuum. Follow her on Twitter @alexnicolharper.

Freddie  Mckendrick

Guest PhD student (2021-present)

Freddie is a behavioural ecologist currently completing a PhD at the University of Liverpool. They are mainly interested in how individual variation in behaviour is maintained within populations with a particular focus on how different behavioural strategies may allow individuals to adapt to changing environments. Their PhD will focus on behavioural plasticity and its costs and benefits to Polar seabirds experiencing rapid environmental change, predominantly focusing on black-legged kittiwakes breeding in Svalbard.

Nicolas Joly

Guest PhD student (2023-present)
Nicolas is  a PhD student  working with Claire Saraux at the Hubert Curien pluridisciplinary Institute. His main focus is to quantify individual variability in little penguins’ fitness. and describe the mechanisms through which different life-history traits will affect individual survival and offspring production at the penguin lifetime scale using complex multivariate analysis. This will allow to understand the different strategies that an individual can adopt to maximize its fitness, and later be used to describe and quantify the effect of this unequal individual contribution on population demography

Bilgecan Şen

Guest postdoctoral investigator (2021-present)

Bilgecan is a population ecologist interested in how small scale ecological processes, such as density dependence and intrinsic population growth, determine macroecological patterns. He develops population models using Bayesian techniques, and strives to make useful population forecasts under climate change with an explicit focus on different uncertainty sources.

Marthe Vienne

Guest master student (2023-present)

Marthe is a master student from Aix-Marseille University interested in polar ecology and working with Sarah Labrousse at LOCEAN, Paris, France. She previously worked at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography on migrant bioluminescent organisms in the Southern Ocean near the Kerguelen Islands. At WHOI, she will work on Antarctic polynyas using predator tracking data.




Justine Wintz

Guest master student (2023-present)

Justine is a marine ecologist and a master student working with Claire Saraux and Nicolas Joly at the Hubert Curien pluridisciplinary Institute, Strasbourg France. She is interested in understanding how lifetime fitness is linked with juvenile development in a little penguin population.



Remi Fay (2020-2022)
Post-doc, now Post-doc at LBBE (Laboratoire de Biométrie et Biologie Évolutive) - Université de Lyon, France

Silke Van Daalen (2022)
Post doc, now postdoc at WHOI in Sosik’s lab

Lucie Bourreau (2020-2021)
Master student from Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France.

Sydney Hampton (summer 2021)
Summer Student Fellow at WHOI- University of South Carolina.

Sara Labrousse (2017- 2020)
Post-doc, now researcher at LOCEAN - Sorbonne Université, France.

David Iles (2017 – 2019)
Post-doc, now Quantitative Wildlife Biologist at the Canadian Wildlife Service, Canada.

Lise Viollat (summer and fall 2019)
Master student from Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France.

Jeremy LeMenager (summer 2019)
Undergraduate student from at Colorado College, USA.

Isabella Horstmann (summer 2019)
Undergraduate student from University of Miami, USA.

Eileen Devane (summer 2019)
Undergraduate student from University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA.

Andrew Kaneb (summer 2018)
Undergraduate student from Princeton University, USA.

Casey Youngflesh (2014-2017)
Guest Ph.D student from Stony Brook University, USA.

Ruijiao Sun (summer 2017)
Undergraduate student from Tsinghua University, China

Marine Desprez (2015-2017)

Tine Cornioley (2013-2017)
Guest Ph.D student from University of Zurich, Switzerland

Loreleï Guery (2011-2017)
Master and PhD student, now post-doc at Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, Montpellier, France

Yun Li (2014-2015)
Post-doc, now Assistant Research Professor at University of South Florida, USA

Mike Polito (2012-2013)
Post-doc, now Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University, USA

Hugo Girma (2015)
Master’s student from University of Montpelier, France.

Maxime Lavoie  (2014)
Ph.D student from University of Laval, Canada.

Floriant Patout (2014)
Undergraduate  student from Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, France.

Solene Sacre (2014)
Undergraduate student from SupAgro, Montpelier, France.

Fiona McLean (2014)
Undergraduate student from California State University, Monterey Bay, USA.

Samara Ocher (2012- 2013)
Professional Master’s student from Northeastern University, USA.

Luke Wakeen (2012)
Undergraduate student  from St. John’s College Hodson, USA.

Deborah Pardo (2012)
Guest Ph.D student from University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France.

Julien Collet (2011)
Guest undergraduate student from Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon, France. Lorelei Guery (2010-211)  Master Student from of University of Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris, France.