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Elementary School Outreach Activities

Expanding STEM Horizons in Local Elementary Schools

In our continuous effort to enhance STEM education, we've extended our activities program to partner with elementary schools in New Bedford and Falmouth. This enriching program encompasses both site visits by our team to local schools and opportunities for students to step into the world of scientific discovery through in-person experiences at our WHOI lab.

Interactive Learning Sessions

Our interactive sessions delve into a range of fascinating topics:

  • Discovering the Journey of Birds: Students explore the intricate life cycles of albatrosses and penguins, gaining insights into their unique adaptations.
  • Adaptation and Resilience: We examine how seabirds have adapted to the marine environment and the profound impacts of climate change on these ecosystems.
  • Conservation Challenges: The issue of incidental seabird capture by long-line fisheries is tackled, highlighting our collaborative efforts with fisheries managers to safeguard these creatures.

Engaging and Educational Activities

To keep the young minds engaged, we've curated a balanced mix of formal lessons, educational videos, and a series of fun, hands-on activities designed to inspire and inform.

For an in-depth look at our STEM outreach activities and to discover more about how we're igniting a passion for science in the hearts of young learners, browse through the information on the following pages.