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WHCOHH Research 2003 - 2011


To improve the public health through enhanced understanding of how oceanic processes affect the distribution and persistence of human pathogens and toxin producing organisms.


The Woods Hole COHH addresses fundamental issues of the distribution of biological agents with potential human health consequences, in the temperate coastal ocean, including bays, harbors and estuaries. Within this geographic theme, research projects in the Center focus on harmful algal blooms, bacterial human pathogens and parasitic protists, with focused and complementary physical oceanographic studies and biological studies of causative agents.

The conceptual foundation for the Woods Hole Center for Oceans and Human Health lies at the interface between advanced genomics, population biology, and coastal hydrodynamics. The center consists of four research projects, a core facility, and administrative core, and a pilot project program.


The Woods Hole Center for Human Health and Ocean Studies is jointly funded by the National Science Foundation (OCE-0430724) and the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (P50 ES012742).

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Genomic Core Facility