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GEOTRACES: Pacific Meridional Transect

GEOTRACES is a global effort to understand the world's ocean chemistry. The goal is to figure out the distribution of various elements and their isotopes, many of these "trace," in that they exist in very low abundance. These elements however are important for marine life and understanding ocean processes, food webs and circulation.

GP15 the Pacific Meridional Transect leg of the US Geotraces program was carried out on the r/v Roger Revelle, leaving September 18th, 2018 from Dutch Harbor, Alaska and arriving in Papeete, Tahiti December 8, 2018. The ship, with 59 scientists and crew followed 152ºW (north to south).

Funding Agencies

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Sailing Team Members

  • Paul Henderson (Alaska to Hawaii)
  • Emily LeRoy (Hawaii to Tahiti)