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2012-2013 Mooring data from the BGEP project

download: MAT file

InstrumentMooring A Mooring BMooring D
Mooring Location
start date12-Aug-1229-Aug-1222-Aug-12
start time23:46 UTC 22:15 UTC21:19 UTC
drop latitude75 0.0007'N77 59.9870'N73 59.6466'N
drop longitude152 0.005' W150 0.0020' W139 58.8443 W
recovery date13-Aug-1320-Aug-138-Aug-13
recovery time15:02 UTC19:49 UTC14:51 UTC
surveyed latitude75 0.0066'N77 59.9943'N73 59.6350'N
surveyed longitude150 0.0347'W149 59.9242'W139 58.8367'W
depth (m)382638243504
duration (days)366356351
sample interval (min) 151515
integration time (sec) 120120120
resolution (mm) 0.30.3 0.3
duration (days) 366356351
number of samples351003416633670
variablesP, TP, TP, T
download: ASCII filebg1213_bpr_a.datbg1213_bpr_b.datbg1213_bpr_d.dat
profile interval (hr) 6 6 6
burst interval (hr)5454 54
min pressure (dbar) 454541
max pressure (dbar) 20012001 2001
profiles processed 326 85 257
variablesP, T, S, U, V P, T, SP, T, S, U, V
download: MAT filebg1213_mmp_a.matbg1213_mmp_b.matbg1213_mmp_d.mat
download: Unix Tar compressedbg1213_mmp_a.tar.Zbg1213_mmp_b.tar.Zbg1213_mmp_d.tar.Z
download: PC
ping interval (sec) 2 2 2
pressure interval (min)10 1010
duration (days)366356351
number of samples 149725731537146915145749
variables P, T, ice draft P, T, ice draftP, T, ice draft
download: MAT file uls12a_dailyn.matuls12b_dailyn.matuls12d_dailyn.mat
download: Unix Tar compresseduls12a_draft.tar.Zuls12b_draft.tar.Zuls12d_draft.tar.Z
download: PC
sample interval (min) 606060
bin size (m) 222
depth bins203025
std deviation (cm/s)0.400.970.97
number of samples084518415
variablesU, V, ice driftU, V, ice drift
download: MAT fileBGY12_B_Final1.matBGY12_D_Final1.mat
deep MMP120 105
profile interval (hr) 88
burst interval (hr)1919
min pressure (dbar)
max pressure (dbar)
profiles processed
variablesP, T, S, U, VP, T, S, U, V
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