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2008 Expedition

In 2008, our BG project became a part of the Arctic Observing Network (AON) program of NSF. Four bottom-tethered moorings (which were deployed in 2007) were recovered, data was retrieved from the instruments, refurbished, and three were redeployed at "A", "B," and "D" (click here to see mooring sites) locations in August 2008 from the CCGS Louis S. St. Laurent during the JOIS 2008 Expedition. In addition, five Ice-Tethered Profiler (ITP) buoys were deployed, three in combination with SAMS Ice Mass Balance Arrays (SIMBA), one with an Ice Mass Balance buoy (IMB), and two with Arctic Ocean Flux Buoys (AOFB). Ocean hydrographic and geochemistry samples were collected at 73 CTD stations and 103 XCTD casts. Click here to read dispatches from the cruise. Click here to read the cruise report.