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CTD and geochemistry

The CTD and geochemistry data were produced by researchers at the Institute of Ocean Sciences, Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The principal investigators are Bill Williams, Fiona McLaughlin, Eddy Carmack, Sarah Zimmermann, Michiyo Kawai (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) and Chris Guay. The bottle-calibrated data from each CTD down cast are saved in individual spreadsheets and archived in a single zip file for each cruise along with documentation specific to the particular data set. Geochemistry data are archived in separate spreadsheets. If you wish to use this data, we recommend reading the Fisheries and Oceans Canada data reports and you are also recommended and welcome to contact Bill Williams.

Cruise yearCTD and geochemistry, LSSL Geochemistry2023, LSSL Geochemistry2022, LSSL Geochemistry2021, LSSL Geochemistry2020, LSSL Geochemistry2019
2018LSSL_ctd2018.zipLSSL Geochemistry2018
2017LSSL_ctd2017.zipLSSL Geochemistry2017
2016LSSL_ctd2016.zipLSSL Geochemistry2016
2015LSSL_ctd2015.zipLSSL Geochemistry2015
2014LSSL_ctd2014.zipLSSL Geochemistry2014
2013LSSL_ctd2013.zipLSSL Geochemistry2013
2012LSSL_ctd2012.zipLSSL Geochemistry2012, LSSL Geochemistry2011
2010LSSL_ctd2010.zipLSSL Geochemistry2010
2009LSSL_ctd2009.zipLSSL Geochemistry2009
2008LSSL_ctd2008.zipLSSL Geochemistry2008
2007LSSL_ctd2007.zipLSSL Geochemistry2007
2006LSSL_ctd2006.zipLSSL Geochemistry2006
2005LSSL_ctd2005.zipLSSL Geochemistry2005
2004LSSL_ctd2004.zipLSSL Geochemistry2004
2003LSSL_ctd2003.zipLSSL Geochemistry2003