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2020 Expedition

While a complete hydrographic, mooring, and buoy cruise was planned for 2020, the annual BGOS & JOIS cruise to the Beaufort Gyre was limited to only Canadian personnel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In September, the cruise will again be performed from the CCGS Louis St. Laurent with Sarah Zimmermann again as Chief Scientist in the field (with shore support provided by Bill Williams and Andrey Proshutinsky). Without WHOI field participation, the moorings will not be able to be recovered and redeployed this year, but these operations had to be deferred until next year. However, IOS and collaborators will obtain the crucial hydrographic and geochemical stations across the region. In addition, IOS technicians were remotely trained on ITP deployments so that 2 (along with seasonal IMBs) are scheduled to be deployed. Click here to read the cruise report.