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2014 Expedition

Once again, ship scheduling caused our cruise to the Beaufort Gyre to conduct BGOS & JOIS collaborations on the CCGS Louis St. Laurent to be delayed until the end of summer.   Our expedition began in mid-September, and lasted 4 weeks with Bill Williams again head of the science party. The 3 BG moorings were again successfully recovered, refurbished and redeployed, and 3 ITPs were deployed, along with IMBs, and O-buoys.  IOS and collaborators again acquired hydrographic and geochemical stations throughout the region, although due to the reduced cruise duration less stations were able to be occupied than previous years.  The 2 mooring systems recovered last year west of the BGOS array in collaboration with NIPR and TUMSAT in Japan were refurbished over the past year and redeployed. Click here to read dispatches from the cruise.  Click here to read the cruise report.