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2004 Expedition

In August 2004, all three moorings were successfully recovered during a JWACS cruise again on the Louis St. Laurent, and an enormous dataset retrieved from the instruments. After cleaning and re-powering, the systems were redeployed for another year, and a prototype Ice-Tethered Profiler was deployed in conjunction with an Ice-Mass Balance buoy. Richard Krishfield, John Kemp, and Kris Newhall from WHOI were responsible for the mooring and buoy operations, and provided updates and photos during the cruise on this website. Hydrography was again performed by IOS, headed by Sarah Zimmermann who was the Chief Scientist for the 2004 cruise. For more information about the mooring deployments, read the 2004 Deployment Procedure. Click here to read dispatches from the cruise. Click here to read the cruise report.