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Past Projects

Investigations of toxic red tides and groundwater nutrient fluxes in the Nauset Marsh Estuary, Cape Cod National Seashore
A National Park Service project, in collaboration with the United States Geological Survey

Pan Arctic Alexandrium 
An Arctic Research Initiative Project funded through the Ocean and Climate Change Institute at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dinophysis Toxicity
A National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography Project

Ciguatera Project 
A Centers for Disease Control project, funded through the University of Florida (G.Morris, Lead PI)and through the Food and Drug Administration.

Dynamics of Alexandrium fundyense distributions in the Gulf of Maine: an observational and modeling study of nearshore and offshore shellfish toxicity, vertical toxin flux, and bloom dynamics in a complex shelf sea.
An ECOHAB regional project.

A comprehensive comparative genomic approach for identifying the saxitoxin synthesis genes
A National Science Foundation project, funded through the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (G. Plumley, Lead PI)

En-Gen: Gene expression and harmful algal bloom dynamics
A National Science Foundation project, funded through the University of Arizona (J. Hackett, Lead PI)

Pseudo-nitzschia: Emerging HAB threat in the Gulf of Maine
A NOAA Oceans and Human Health Initiative project

Mating incompatibility among toxic and non-toxic populations of Alexandrium
A National Science Foundation project, funded through the EU-NSF cooperative program.

Fiber Optic Microarray to Detect and Enumerate Harmful Algal Bloom Species
A Cooperative Institute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology (CICEET) project.

Ciguatera Fish Poisoning: Dinoflagellate dynamics, toxin formation, and economic impacts
A National Science Foundation SGER and WHOI Ocean Life Institute project