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A Lagrangian Study of the Deep Circulation in the Gulf of Mexico

Co-PIs:  Amy Bower (WHOI), Peter Hamilton (Leidos), Paula Perez-Brunius (CICESE) and Bob Leben (U. Colorado)

This study was designed to map circulation throughout the deep Gulf of Mexico with a large number of subsurface neutrally buoyant floats, producing new knowledge on circulation features and processes, and deep-water parcel transport and dispersion.  The instruments used were acoustically tracked RAFOS floats (ballasted for 1500- and 2500-dbar), to map water parcel pathways, and profiling APEX floats equipped with bio-optical sensors, which profiled from the surface to 1500-dbar.  A total of 180 RAFOS floats and 6 APEX floats were deployed in different seasons over three years 2011-2013.  The final three seedings of RAFOS floats surfaced in spring 2015 and the APEX continued to report twice-monthly profile data through the end of 2015.


Furey, H., P. Perez-Brunius, A. Bower, and P. Hamilton, 2014. Deep Eddies in the Gulf of Mexico. AGU Fall 2014, OS43B-1278


This project was generously funded through SAIC by a grant from the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management.



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