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Export Pathways from the Subpolar North Atlantic

Co-PIs: Amy Bower (WHOI) and Susan Lozier (Duke)


The Export Pathways Experiment was a joint effort between WHOI and Duke University. The purpose of the program was to study the pathways and variability of the Deep Western Boundary Current from the Labrador Sea into the subpolar North Atlantic. Our objectives were to: 1. Obtain an improved description of the pathways of LSW out of the subpolar region using acoustically-tracked RAFOS floats deployed in the DWBC in the Labrador Sea. 2. Characterize the intermittency/temporal variability in these pathways, and investigate its cause, including NAC position, interannual variations in LSW production, and seasonal/interannual variations in wind forcing. 3. Use historical and synoptic hydrographic data to determine low-frequency variations in the penetration of recently-ventilated water masses equatorward along the western boundary.


This project was generously funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.


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Technical and Cruise Reports

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