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Technical and Cruise Reports

Furey, H., Ramsey, A., & Bower, A. (2024). Bight Fracture Zone Experiment: Moored Instrument Data Report, July 2015 - July 2017. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

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Ramsey, A., H. Furey, A. Bower, P. Pérez Brunius, and P. García Carrillo, 2020. The Deep Water Dispersion Experiment: RAFOS Float Data Report, June 2016 - January 2019. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Technical Report, WHOI-2020-01. doi:10.1575/1912/25273

Furey, H., A. Bower, and A. Davies, 2018.  OSNAP GDWBC AR30-03 Cruise Report, WHOI Cruise Report, June 2018, 30 pp.

Furey, H., L. Trafford, and Bower, A. S., 2014.  A Crossroads of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: The Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone Data Report, August 2010-June 2012. WHOI Technical Report WHOI-2014-04, 145 pp.

Furey, H. H., T. McKee, M. F. de Jong, P. E. Robbins and Bower, A. S., 2013.  Impact of Irminger Rings on Deep Convection in the Labrador Sea: Mooring Instrument, Cruise CTD, and APEX Data Report, September 2007 – September 2009. WHOI Technical Report, WHOI-2013-05, 103 pp.

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Cruise Report:  Red Sea Outflow Experiment -- REDSOX 1.  R/V Knorr Cruises KN-162-10 and KN-162-11, February 5-March 15, 2001.

Cruise Report:  Red Sea Outflow Experiment -- REDSOX 2.  R/V Maurice Ewing Cruise EW-110, August 21 to September 12, 2001.

Furey, H. H., A. S. Bower, and P. L. Richardson, 2001.  Warm Water Pathways and Intergyre Exchange in the Northeastern North Atlantic:  ACCE RAFOS Float Data Report, November 1996-November 1999.WHOI Technical Report WHOI-01-17, 153 pp.

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