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Community site for RAFOS users


The RAFOS USERS' FORUM is intended for use by scientists who use subsurface float technology (floats using sound sources) to conduct research.  The objective is to foster collaborative research, and to facilitate cooperation between scientists for sharing valuable resources, e.g., sound sources, by providing a place to discuss upcoming projects, and ideas for projects, before the sources are in the water and the floats are deployed.

Listserv has been set up as a discussion forum for RAFOS users. If you would like to subscribe to or be removed from the listserv, please email Heather Furey at

Data Repository

NOAA AOML Physical Oceanography Division GDP Drifter Data Assembly Center (PhOD DDAC) houses a repository for RAFOS data.  All WFDAC data, and RAFOS data collected 1999 to present, is available there.  Goto: .

RAFOS float tracking software

Please see ARTOA page to access software and manual.


EOS Article on RAFOS Float History and Database

Deep Floats Reveal Complex Ocean Circulation Patterns

Deep Floats Reveal Complex Ocean Circulation PatternsAcoustically tracked floats drift far below the ocean’s surface, providing fresh discoveries about deep-sea currents. A new archive gathers decades’ worth of float data into a central repository. By A. Ramsey, H. Furey. A. Bower, 2018 (WHOI)


WHOI 260 Hz Sound Source

Valdes, J., and H. Furey, 2021. WHOI 260Hz Sound Source - Tuning and Assembly. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Technical Report, WHOI-2021-02, 65 pp. doi: 10.1575/1912/27173

sound sources on deck before deployment

RAFOS Float Schematic