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Dispatch 26: Packing Up

(From left to right) Sarah Zimmerman, Mary-Louise Timmermans, and Bill Williams at the celebration (Photo by Elizabeth Bailey).
Everyone busy at work packing up the main lab! (Photo by Ashley Arroyo)

Ashley Arroyo

October 11, 2022

Dispatch 26: Packing Up

Yesterday was our last day of science on the Louis, marked by the last rosette cast at station CB28b, which came back on deck around 4pm. To celebrate another successful expedition, the science and ship crew gathered in the forward lounge in the evening to enjoy food and good company. There were lots of laughs, snacks, and even some karaoke!

Today began a long day of housekeeping for the science crew, which involved lots of packing, cleaning, and updating data logs. All the science equipment, including sample containers, filtration manifolds, and chemicals were safely cleaned and packed up in boxes ready to be store away or shipped back to the Institute of Ocean Sciences (IOS). In addition, all the samples that were collected for post-expedition analysis were organized and prepared for their transit back to IOS. Data logs, including those of the chlorophyll and bacteria sampling, the bongo nets, the rosette casts, and daily events were organized and digitized for future reference. These logs include a record of the timing of the initial water sampling, specific details and observations during sample processing, and information about the instruments that were deployed during the expedition. In addition, members of the science crew collaborated to create this year’s cruise report, which details the specific methodology of the water sampling and instrument deployment to document all the great science we accomplished this year!