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Data Contacts

For scientific questions regarding the content of individual data sets, please direct your inquiry to the institution that has created the data set. A listing of the institutes is found on the Participating Models webpage. To contact individual scientists at those institutes please consult the Participants webpage.

Forcing Data

To ensure an accurate intercomparison experiment, and to eliminate ambiguities in interpretation of model results, it is necessary to force and validate all models in as similar a manner as possible. To this end, we have collected and created a variety of standardized model forcing data sets:

  • For bathymetry, we have created a global merged data product that blends the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean data with the Earth Topography Five Minute data (Holland, 2000).
  • For river-runoff, we will be using the hydrographic data product for the arctic region developed at the University of New Hampshire (Lammers et al., 2000). For sea-ice we will use data sets archived at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).
  • For hydrography, we have produced a global merged data product , where various high-quality Arctic Ocean data sets have been blended with the World Ocean Atlas (Steele et al., 2001).
  • For atmospheric forcing, we will be using derived reanalysis products from the National Centers for Environmental Protection (NCEP).

Validation Data

A1 ("cm2011a1.dat") is the most recent climatological summary from humankind's history of current meter, as well as more recent profiler, observations (Currents data).

Ocean temperature and velocity data from moorings in the Fram Strait  (WSC Moorings).