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Forcing Data - Notation

Air density1.3kg m-3 
Snow density300.0kg m-3 
Ice density900.0kg m-3 
Ocean density1025.0kg m-3 
Coriolis parameterf s-1Function of latitude only
Sea level air pressurepa Pa
Geostrophic wind m s-1
Surface wind m s-1
Sea-ice velocity m s-1
Ocean surface velocity m s-1
Surface stress air-ocean Pa 
Drag coefficient air-oceanDao(1.10 + 0.04 Ws) x  10-3 Dependent on surface wind speed
Surface stress air-ice Pa 
Drag coefficient air-iceDai(1.10 + 0.04 Ws) x  10-3 Dependent on surface wind speed
Surface stress ice-ocean Pa 
Drag coefficient ice-oceanDio5.50 x 10-3  
Air temperatureTa °C
Surface temperature ice (snow)Tis °C
Melting point ice (snow) surfaceTmis0.0 °C
Surface temperature oceanTos °C
Freezing point temperature ocean surfaceTfos °C
Surface salinity oceanSos psu
Ice salinitySi4psu
Surface salinity restoring time180days
Coefficient of salinity-dependent freezing pointmf-0.0575°C/psu 
Relative humidityrh0.9 Regional models only
Vapor pressure in airea Pa
Saturation vapor pressure over ocean surfaceeos Pa
Saturation vapor pressure over ice (snow) surfaceeis Pa
Specific humidity in airqa kg kg-1
Specific humidity at ocean surfaceqos kg kg-1
Specific humidity at ice (snow) surfaceqis kg kg-1
Evaporation over ocean surfaceEos m s-1Evaluated at ocean equivalent density
Sublimation over ice (snow) surfaceEis m s-1Evaluated at ocean equivalent density
PrecipitationP m s-1Evaluated at ocean equivalent density
Cloud cover fractioncf[0..1]  
Steffan-Boltzmann constant5.67 x 10-8W m-2 K-4
Specific heat of aircpa1004J kg-1 K-1
Specific heat of ice (snow)cpi2090J kg-1 K-1
Specific heat of oceancpo4190J kg-1 K-1
Latent heat of fusionLf0.334 x 106J kg-1
Latent heat of vaporizationLv2.501 x 106J kg-1
Latent heat of sublimationLs2.835 x 106J kg-1
Exchange coefficient of sensible heatCsh1.20 x 10-3 
Exchange coefficient of latent heatClh1.50 x 10-3 
Albedo of ice0.60  
Albedo of melting ice0.50  
Albedo of snow0.80  
Albedo of melting snow0.70  
Albedo of ocean0.10  
Emissivity of snow0.99  
Emissivity of ice0.97  
Emissivity of ocean0.97  
Solar constant1353W m-2 
Sensible heat flux W m-2
Latent heat flux W m-2
Shortwave radiation W m-2
Longwave radiation W m-2
Day of Year  [1..365]
Hour of Day  [0..23]
Solar Zenith Angle  
Hour Angle