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Workshop #13, October 20-23, 2009

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts



Day 1: Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

AOMIP School for young Arctic scientists

8:15  8:30  Mike Steele and Andrey Proshutinsky: Introduction (Welcome, AOMIP workshop school major goals and tasks, school  agenda)

8:30  9:10  Elizabeth Hunke (Los Alamos National Laboratories, LNL):  Sea ice modeling and challenges for the future 

9:10  9:20  Questions, discussions

9:20  10:00  Luc Rainville (Polar Science Center, University of Washington): Mixing in the arctic seas

10:00  10:10  Questions, discussions

10:30  11:10  Axel Schweiger (Polar Science Center, University of Washington): Atmospheric forcing data and surface air temperature

11:10  11:20  Questions, discussions

11:20  12:00   Katya Popova (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK): Ecosystem modeling overview

12:00  12:10  Questions, discussions

13:00  13:40  Mike Steele (Polar Science Center, University of Washington): Arctic Ocean Freshwater:  past, present, future

13:40  13:50  Questions, discussions

14:00  15:30  WOODS HOLE TOUR

15:30  16:10  Andrey Proshutinsky (WHOI): Wind-forced dynamics of the Arctic Ocean

Day 2: Wednesday, October 21th, 2009

8:00  8:15  Andrey Proshutinsky: Introduction (welcome, AOMIP, and workshop major goals and tasks)

SESSION 1:                  FRESH WATER 

8:15  8:40  Andrey Proshutinsky (WHOI), Elena Golubeva (RUS),Jinlun Zhang, (UW),  Eiji Watanabe (IARC), Marie-Noelle Houssais and Christophe Herbaut (LOCEAN): Beaufort Gyre freshwater experiments

8:40  9:05  Per Pemberton and Markus Meier (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI): Beaufort Gyre freshwater experiments with the RCO model: Effects of mixing

9:05  9:30  Alexandra Jahn (McGill University): Comparison of the simulated FW export variability from different models - first results

9:30  9:55  Michael Karcher (AWI): First assessment of large scale FW content changes in the  Arctic Ocean from the 1990s to the 2000s

10:15  10:40  Wieslaw Maslowski on behalf of Jonathan Bamber, Michiel van den Broeke, Janneke Ettema and Eric Rignot (NPS):  A 50-year reconstruction of freshwater fluxes from Greenland

10:40  11:00  Discussion: FRESH WATER COORDINATED EXPERIMENTS (Moderators: A. Proshutinsky and A. Jahn)

SESSION  2:                  SEA ICE

11:00  11:25  Tremblay, Bruno (McGill University): Ice mass balance buoy measurements from the Canadian Arctic Archipelago - Viscount Melville Sound

11:25  11:50  Veronique Dansereau  (McGill University): Calibration of a multi-resolution viscous plastic model of the Arctic sea Ice  against the air  and water drag parameters

12:50  13:15  Heimbach, Patrick (MIT): Analysis of sea-ice export through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago via adjoint sensitivity modeling

13:15  13:40  Hibler, Bill (International Arctic Research Center): Comparison of Simulated and Observed Sea Ice Tidal Oscillations

13:40  14:05  Mark Johnson and Tatiana Proshutinsky (IMS UAF), Andrey Proshutinsky (WHOI): Evaluation of sea ice thickness reproduction in AOMIP models

14:05  14:30  Markus Meier, Sebastian Mårtensson, and Per Pemberton (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI): Impact of sea ice dynamics on the Arctic climate variability - a model study

14:50  15:10  Discussion:  SEA ICE MODELING AND COORDINATED EXPERIMENTS (Moderator: E. Hunke)


15:10  15:35  Greg Holloway (Institute of Ocean Sciences, Canada): Equations of motion

15:35  16:00  Robert Osinski and Wieslaw Maslowski (NPS): Intercomparison of ocean circulation in regional Arctic Ocean models at increasing spatial resolution

16:00  16:25  Gleb Panteleev (IARC), Max Yaremchuk (PARC), and Dmitry Nechaev (USM): Adjointless variational data assimilation in reduced space: advantages and possible application for model intercomparison 

16:25  16:50  An T Nguyen (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology): Results from the ECCO2 optimized Arctic solution

16:50  17:15  Guoping Gao and Changsheng Chen (UMASSD), Andrey Proshutinsky and Robert Beardsley: (WHOI): Development of Unstructured-grid Version of CICE: Validation and Applications 


Day 3: Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

8:00  8:25  Changsheng Chen and Guoping Gao (UMASSD), Andrey Proshutinsky and Robert Beardsley (WHOI): An Unstructured Grid Arctic Ocean Model (FVCOM-Arctic): Validation via Observations  and Critical Need for Horizontal Resolution

8:25  8:40  Rick Allard (NRL): NRL plans for Arctic modeling

8:40  9:00  Discussion:  MODEL IMPROVEMENTS (Moderator R. Gerdes and G. Holloway)



9:00  9:25  Sinead Farrell (NOAA):  Arctic Ocean Topography from Satellite Laser Altimetry

9:25  9:50  Maslowski (NPS): On (in)correctness of volume and property flux calculation across a single section

10:10  10:25  James Reagon (UMD): Comparison of hydrographic databases in the Arctic

10:25  10:50  Jean Claude Gascard (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France) : Brines and frazil ice formation

10:50  11:10  Discussion:  OBSERVATIONS AND METHODS FOR MODEL EVALUATION (Moderators: J. C. Gascard, A. Proshutinsky)


11:10  11:30  Chris Hill (MIT): Explicit modeling of ice-edge plumes

11:30  11:55  Katya Popova (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton): Arctic Ocean in a global biogeochemical model: Physical control of Arctic biological productivity

13:00  13:25  Eiji Watanabe (International Arctic Research Center):  Mesoscale eddies and shelf-basin exchange in the western Arctic Ocean

13:25  13:50  Camille Lique (Fremer): A Lagrangian model analysis of Arctic water mass transformations and exports.

13:50  14:15  Zeliang Wang (BIO):  Representing eddy stress in an Arctic Ocean model

14:35  15:00  Mike Steele (UW): Ecosystem parameter: Mixed Layer Depth in the Arctic Seas

15:00  15:25  Marie-Noelle Houssais and Christophe Herbaut (LOCEAN):  Variability of the Canadian Archipelago outflow in a simulation forced by the ERA40 reanalysis


Day 4: Friday, October 23rd, 2009

8:00  8:25  Elena Golubeva (Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk): Numerical modeling of Atlantic and Pacific waters dynamics

8:25  8:50  Yevgeny Aksenov, Sheldon Bacon, and A. J. George Nurser (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton), Vladimir V. Ivanov (SAMS, UK), Andrew C. Coward (NOCS, UK) and Igor V. Polyakov (IARC, USA): The North Atlantic Inflow to the Arctic Ocean from observations and high-resolution modeling

8:50  9:15  Michael Karcher (AWI): Studies on AW circulation in the Arctic Ocean: a) On consequences of the Atlantic Water inflow warming and b) Experiments on Iodine 129 dispersion

9:15  9:40  Maria Luneva (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory): The effect of bathymetry on the geostrophic adjustment problem in an idealised Arctic Ocean model.

9:40  10:00  Do Pacific and Atlantic waters influence sea ice conditions in the Arctic Ocean? (Moderator: W. Maslowski )

10:20  10:40  Michael Karcher (AWI, Germany): AOMIP – ASOF collaboration


13:00  13:15  Workshop adjourn and final remarks

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