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Coordinated Analysis 1948-2004

Instructions on how to run the 50-year (1948-2004) coordinated-analysis experiment are presented here. For all participating models, the modeled domain includes as a minimum, the geographic area from 60 °N to the North Pole.

The notation and parameters used for all forcing is given in a table. Follow the links below to obtain forcing data or to find out how to calculate forcing quantities.

For archiving model output, the following guidelines are given:

Store monthly mean data for model domain from 60°N to North Pole for both the model-native grid and the AOMIP-common grid:

- T and S at all model levels
- U, V for water (at all model levels)
- U, V for ice
- ice thickness (see algorithm below)
- ice concentration (see algorithm below)
- stream function
- sea surface height
- surface salt and heat fluxes (at ocean surface)
- fresh water content relative to salinity 34.80 at each model grid point. If salinity is greater than 34.80, do not take these salinities into account in order to avoid negative freshwater contents. Reference salinity is 34.80.
- ocean heat content for each grid point calculated relative to 0ºC potential temperature. Do not take into account "negative" heat contents.

The algorithm for calculation of sea-ice growth due to thermodynamic and dynamics effects:

For ice thickness, store:

- thickness at the first day of each month,
- thickness due to thermodynamic effects only,
- monthly mean  thickness.

For ice concentration, store:

- concentration at the first day of each month,
- concentration due to thermodynamic effects only,
- monthly mean concentration.