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100-Year Run Atmospheric Forcing Data

Below is described a 100-year forcing data that has been prepared for forthcoming AOMIP runs. The data itself is found on the AOMIP-LAS.

Based on the experience made with the reconstruction method developed and already applied at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, several variables were reconstructed on the AOMIP grid. The reconstructed variables are: sea-level pressure, wind stress, and 2-metre temperature. The variables are reconstructed as monthly mean fields from 1900 to 1997. Additionally the intra-monthly variability for 1982 is provided as daily means. The superposition of the the intra-monthly variability and the monthly reconstruction gives a data set with pseudo-daily variability. All other forcing variables are not re-constructable with a sufficient accuracy. It is therefore proposed to use climatologies for these variables (except scalar wind which can be calculated from SLP or wind stress).

File contains the land-sea mask (variable: flag) used for the reconstruction of the wind stress and the 2-meter temperature (SLP is reconstructed not only over sea but also over land grid cells). Land grid cells are marked by -4 and sea grid cells by 1. To simplify the interpolation onto the individual model grid "coastal points" (land points with neighboring sea grid cells) are marked by 2. Land grid cells totally surrounded by sea grid cells are marked by 3. The wind stress and 2-meter temperature are reconstructed for all grid cells marked by 1 to 3.

File contains monthly mean values of both wind stress components, the 2-meter temperature, and SLP from January 1900 to December 1997.

File contains daily mean values of both components of the wind stress, the 2-meter temperature, and SLP of the intra-monthly variability (daily mean minus monthly mean) of 1982.

DISCLAIMER: The data sets are only free for use in the framework of the AOMIP project. If it is intended to use the data sets for other purposes contact Ruediger Gerdes ( or Frank Kauker (frank@oasys-research.de