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Surface Stress

Surface Stresses

  • Calculate daily surface wind stress over the open ocean as:

stress 1

  • The wind stress over the sea ice is formulated identically as:

stress 2

  • Calculate surface stress over the sea-ice covered ocean as:

stress 3

  • The ocean current stress at the base of the sea-ice cover is precisely the negative of the above.
  • Note that a turning angle is not applied to the ocean surface currents.
  • Dao, Dai and Dio are air-ocean, air-ice and ice-ocean drag coefficients:

Dao=(1.10 + 0.04 Ws) x  10-3Dai=(1.10 + 0.04 Ws) x  10-3Dio=5.50 x  10-3;

  • Dao, Dai and Dio are also discussed in section “Forcing Data Notation” and in “Model details “ for different AOMIP models