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Sea Ice

Group Data Request

Coordinator: Ruediger Gerdes

I would like to receive sea ice results from your model simulations. Please, don't wait for the final comparison runs but send what you currently have. Specifically, I would like to get from you monthly means of:

  • sea ice thickness (2-D)
  • concentration (2-D)
  • net thermodynamic growth (2-D)
  • ice transports through Bering Strait, Canadian Archipelago, Barents Sea opening, Fram Strait [The exact position of these sections would not be important, I need just to know where the transports were calculated.]
  • parameters (e.g. albedos, ocean-ice drag, lead closing parameter etc.) and processes (e.g. snow layer, flooding, thickness redistribution, ...) that you employ in your ice models

Please prepare 12 files, one for each month. For those AOMIPers who may have 30 year OMIP-forced case complete, the 12 months of year 30 would be good. For others, if you have a run under some choice of climatological forcing, hopefully for at least 30 years, then the last year of that run would be good.

To submit data, best is to write plain ascii files, one for each month, as N x 5 matrix listing:

latitude E-longitude thickness concentration thermodynamic_growth

where N is your total number of grid points. Depending what is easier, either send files with all grid points, or send only the ocean points (no land points). If you send ALL grid points, code values -999 or something to flag non-ocean. Then i'll uniformly interpolate everything onto a common grid. The order in which you list your grid points doesn't matter, and the files should each be not too large to attach (plain ascii or compress .Z or gzip .gz) to attach to email to If there are any of these that you cannot (readily) prepare, I would rather receive a reduced list than no list.