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Sea-Level Pressure

AOMIP winds are to be derived from sea-level pressure data. The sea-level pressure data set is that originating from the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis and archived at the Climate Diagnostics Center (CDC) of NOAA-CIRES. This data is daily mean. To ensure all AOMIP participants utilize exactly the same data sets, the CDC sea-level pressure data has been copied to the AOMIP website to be uniformly retrieved by AOMIP participants.

Data Descriptor

Spatial Coverageglobal grid: 90N-90S, 0E-357.5E,
2.5-degree latitude x 2.5-degree longitude,
144x73 points,
Temporal Coverage1/1/1948 - present with output every 1 day,
files for the current year contain as many months as are currently available