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Workshop #8, February 14-18, 2005

Virtual Workshop


In order to discuss details of the upcoming AOMIP 100-year coordinated simulations a virtual workshop is scheduled during February 14-18, 2005.

Participants involved are those on the AOMIP E-mail List.

The main questions to be addressed are summarized in the Agenda being prepared by Michael Karcher, Frank Kauker, and Andrey Proshutinsky.


Coordinated 100-Year Run

1. Reconstruction of 100-year arctic forcing data
- state of the AWI reconstruction of SLP and SAT (to be used for AOMIP?)
- what in addition might be desirable (necessary) to do for specific AOMIP purposes

2. Climatological Forcing data (Clouds, Precip, Humidity)
- new preparation of climatology based on ERA 40 (also: new Serreeze precip data set including ERA40)?
- comparison of NCEP/ERA40/POLES data sets for this purpose

3. Model setup
- what have we learned from the previous experiments to be taken into account for the 100 year run?
- what should be done before starting the new run with respect to further 50-year run analysis?
- an important example: should we stay with the present prescription of AOMIP with respect to restoring or should we change it (e.g., permanent restoring)

4. Adaption of 100-year forcing for AOMIP model variety
- what to do with global or large-scale models in AOMIP when the forcing exists only for the AOMIP grid?

5. 1900-1950 validation
- which validation data sets might be available for the first 50 years in contrast to the latter 50 years?