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Workshop #12, January 14-16, 2009

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts


Andrey Proshutinsky, the AOMIP Principal Investigator, opened the 12th AOMIP workshop by welcoming the participants (see Appendix A) and presented an overview of AOMIP history, major goals, tasks, strategy and tactics. Major goals and objectives for a new AOMIP development phase were also formulated (see Appendix D).  The purpose of this workshop was to plan the next phase of the AOMIP program by identifying new scientific priorities, potential collaborations and deliverables. The workshop was planned to:

  • Re-initiate AOMIP activities
  • Identify the most important directions of model improvements
  • Discuss and establish conditions for coordinated numerical experiments focusing on model improvements
  • Discuss future AOMIP plans and strategy
    Proshutinsky also provided an update on the status of the efforts to maintain AOMIP activities under new NSF funding recommendations.  One major recommendation was to change AOMIP’s operational mode (Appendix D).

Workshop Format

Each workshop day consisted of two types of activities, namely: (i) science talks and (ii) discussions focused on identification of key problems and formulation of conditions for coordinated AOMIP experiments. Science talks and discussions were organized under five major topics: 1) Fresh water and heat, 2) Sea ice, 3) Model development progress and results, 4) Exchanges/transports and ecosystem modeling, and 5) Long-term model integrations. One-hour breakout sessions were used to formulate the conditions for a set of coordinated experiments.  These breakout sessions were followed by a plenary session on the last day of the workshop.

Workshop Overview

The workshop brought forty one AOMIP collaborators from Canada, Denmark, France, Japan, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, and USA representing twenty four different federal, state and private organizations (universities, scientific institutions and centers). Thirty two scientific presentations were accompanied by more then five hours of discussions (not mentioning tête-à-tête interactions and fruitful corridor meetings during coffee breaks, reception and workshop dinner).  The most important workshop result is a formulation of a set of coordinated experiments directed to improve AOMIP regional and global models and to investigate causes and consequences of Arctic climate change.

Scientific problems for coordinated experiments

A set of scientific problems was identified during the workshop. It is expected that the teams working on these experiments will be expanded after publication of this report via involvement of all interested scientists dealing with Arctic studies. Team leader names (PIs of experiments responsible for experiment formulation, activation, data collection, analysis and publications) are shown in bold. Also note that each of these experiments will possibly have a set of sub-experiments with sub-leaders.

For a complete list of the experiments please download the workshop report from the Related Files at the right side of the page.

Next AOMIP Meetings

1. AOMIP collaborators were invited to organize a session in MOCA-09 (IAMAS, IAPSO and IACS Joint Assembly, to be held in July 19-29, 2009 in Montréal, Québec, Canada).    Prior to that assembly, AOMIP collaborators are also participating in the modeling workshop “Arctic System Modeling Workshop III” (International Collaboration in Arctic System Modeling) to be held on July 16-17, at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) (

2. The AOMIP participants agreed to meet again in fall 2009 (October 21-23, 2009), at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to report about numerical experiments and other project results

Action: Plan and coordinate 13th AOMIP workshop in fall 2009. Andrey Proshutinsky, Michael Steele, David Holland


For a complete list of references, please download the workshop report from the Related Files at the right side of the page.

Appendix A. List of Participants

1. Aksenov, Yevgeny (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK,
2. Berlov, Pavel (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA,
3. Carton, James (University of Maryland College Park, USA,
4. Chassignet, Eric (Florida State University, USA,
5. Dukhovskoy Dmitry, Florida State University, USA,
6. Dupont, Frederic (The Bedford Institute of Oceanography and Dalhousie University,
7. Fenty, Ian (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, ifenty@MIT.EDU)
8. Forsberg, Rene: (Danish National Space Center, Denmark,
9. Gao, G., (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA,
10. Gerdes, Ruediger (Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany,
11. Hakkinen, Sirpa (Goddard Space Flight Center, USA,
12. Heimbach, Patrick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, heimbach@MIT.EDU)
13. Herbaut, Christophe and Marie-Noelle Houssais (LOCEAN, France)
14. Hibler, William (International Arctic Research Center,
15. Hill, Chris (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA,
16. Holland, David (New York University, USA,
17. Hunke, Elizabeth (Los Alamos National Laboratories, USA,
18. Huard, David (McGill University, Canada,
19. Jahn, Alexandra, (McGill University, Canada,
20. Kauker, Frank (Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany,
21. Lemieux, Jean-Francois (McGill University, Canada,
22. Martin, Torge (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton University, USA,
23. Maslowski, Wieslaw (Naval Postgraduate School, USA,
24. McPhee, Miles, (McPhee Research Company,
25. Nguyen, An T (Jet Propulsion Lab, California Institute of Technology, USA,
26. Panteleev, Gleb (International Arctic Research Center, UAF, USA,
27. Pickart, Robert (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA,
28. Popova, Katya (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK,
29. Postlethwaite, Clare, (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, UK,
30. Proshutinsky, Andrey (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA,
31. Reddy, Tasha (McGill University and New Your University, USA, Canada,
32. Semiletov, Igor (International Arctic Research Center, USA,
33. Shakhov, Natalia, (International Arctic Research Center, USA,
34. Spall, Mike (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA,
35. Steele, Mike (Polar Science Center, University of Washington, USA,
36. Stott, Don (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, USA,
37. Timmermans, Mary-Louise (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA,
38. Tremblay, Bruno (McGill University, Canada,
39. Toole, John (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA,
40. Watanabe, Eiji (International Arctic Research Center, USA,
41. Yang, Jiayan (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA,

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