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Surface Salinity

Group Data Request

Coordinator: Mike Steele

The restoring of surface salinity to observational values from a hydrographic climatology has great impact on the modeled surface salinity field. There is wide variance in the manner in which this restoring is implemented within the various AOMIP models. To investigate the impact of these different restoring schemes, each AOMIP group is aked to supply the following model data:

  • Mean April surface salinity for 1979-1988.
  • Same for 1989-1995.
  • Latitudes and longitudes for the above.
  • Mixed-layer depth fields.
  • Restoring flux field.
    • Depths of restoring.
    • Temperarture restored? Salinity restored?
    • Restoring time-scale constant.
    • Hydrographic Climatolyg for restoring.