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Rui Huang

Dr. Rui Huang

Scientist Emeritus
Physical Oceanography

Contact Information:
Work: +1 508-289-2532
Building: Clark302A

Mailing Address:
266 Woods Hole Road, MS #21
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Research Interests

Theoretical and numerical study of oceanic general circulation, especially thermocline and thermohaline circulation and their links to climate dynamics.


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These are my own short stories and personal reflection (in Chinese)

Ocean Garden

This is a garden where I collect my most recent thought about physics of the ocean

Hope you enjoying reading notes posed in this garden. Please send your questions or comments to:

  1. Is neutral surface really neutral? (Last updated with energetics: 4/19/2010, a more updated version will appear soon) (pdf)
  2. Salinity errors in volume-conserved models? (Last Update: 1/10/2010) (pdf)
  3. Thermal equilibrium state of the world oceans (Last Update: 4/24/2010) (pdf)


Ph.D. MIT/WHOI Joint Program, 1984, Physical Oceanography

B.S. University of Science and Technology, China, 1965, Fluid Mechanics


Ocean Circulation, Wind-driven and Thermohaline processes

The Chinese eddition, including corrections for typos will be published April, 2012, by High Education press of China

Heaving, Stretching and Spicing Modes, Climate Variability in the Ocean

Sommel's Autobiography

Family circle

This is a place where I collect my rule of the famous Chinese Majong game. There exist at least several hundreds of rule over the whole world. Over many years I have studied the potential combinations and roughly the probability of these combinations. Ideally, the score should be inversely proportional to these probability. I welcome suggestions and criticism.

Please send your questions or comments

1) Majong rule in Chinese (Last updated 7/12/2010) (pdf)
2) Majong rule in English (Last updated 7/12/2010) (pdf)